CBG Full Spectrum Colombian Coffee 10 mg per cup

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Product Description

CBG coffee is a great way to consume your CBG on a daily basis without thinking twice about. Do you love to drink coffee regularly? Do you like coffee but do not appreciate the unwanted jittery side effects? 

CBG and coffee are a perfect match and work synergistically. Coffee increases your performance and alertness while CBG calms you down throughout the day. The sugars in the coffee are the perfect transporter for the CBG in the bloodstream to deliver it throughout the body and to the brain for the greater calming effect. Often coffee can make people feel anxious due to the caffeine level. With CBG coffee you are able to enjoy the benefits of the coffee without the negative side effects. CBG will also prolong the pleasant effects of coffee.

Our company is offering 10mg of CBG per cup of coffee which is half the recommended daily dosage of CBG, so with two cups of our CBG coffee a day you can effortlessly obtain your daily CBG intake.

Our special technology allows us to infuse the coffee beans with full spectrum CBG without distorting the taste of our beautiful single origin fair trade Colombian coffee beans. So you can enjoy a delicious cup of Colombian coffee with the full benefits of full spectrum CBG directly from the producer. Our coffee beans are directly from local farmers so that we can cut the middle man out and pay fairly directly to the producer. By purchasing our product you are also supporting local Colombian coffee farmers to have a fair price for their work and livelihood.


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