Strategic Promotion

High quality service at an affordable price.

Partyeye team builds  strategies for media promotion of electronic music artists, labels,  companies, venues and all connected with the dance scene.

We use the power of  Television and its repetitive fashion of showing things to promote and centralize our messages into the heard of the Electronic Music community.

By saturating the daily broadcast time with people speaking of the desired topic we achieve fast world awareness of it.

With future advanced media technics we  bring the desired result in a smooth and professional fashion

These technicks are developed individually depending on the desired target.

But one thing stays always the same.  Our promise to you , that we will:

  • broadcast your promotional Video, Visual clip or TV show to 100 million clubbers daily, in 30  countries.
  • place it strategically among worldwide famous names so you will be associated with them.
  • show it worldwide on Clubbing TV HD many times a week, the whole year round.

We will provide you with high quality service at an reasonable price.

“Trough the TV screen  lies the fastest road to world fame.”  – Rupert Murdoch